Stafford and Stone  Talking Newspaper  for  the  Blind


Becoming a Volunteer                    

We always welcome new people to our Talking Newspaper.  If you are interested then here is a brief description of the roles involved.


Thursdays – one week in four 

Editor                                             (estimated time 2 to 4 hours during the day)

Two editors in a team collect the news, identify relevant articles, time them, and prepare the Reader’s folders ready for recording. 

Technical Officer                             (estimated time 3 to 4 hours evening only)

Operates all the equipment associated with recording the Master Tape.  This includes the mixer, tape recorders/players, mini disc players, and compact disc players.  The Technical Officer is also responsible for the timing of Tape Schedule items onto the recorded tape. 

Link                                               (estimated time 3 to 4 hours evening only)

The Link connects each piece on the Tape Schedule into a seamless recording.  Other responsibilities include the selection of appropriate materials and co-operating with the Technical Officer to produce a full ninety-minute recording. 

Readers                                          (estimated time 1 hour evenings only)

Read articles from their pre-prepared folders under the direction of the Link. 

Copiers                                           (estimated time 2 to 2.5 hours evening only)

Prepare the returned tape stock and pouches for re-issue and then duplicating the Master Tape.  Copied Newstapes are then packed and sorted ready for delivery into the Royal mail system. 

Tuesdays – one week in four

 De-pouchers                                    (estimated time 1 to 2 hours generally mornings)

This duty involves unpacking of returned mail sacks and emptying of pouches. 

Wednesdays – each week as required

 Listener’s Secretariat                        (estimated time 1 to 2 hours usually afternoons)

Maintains the Listener Database and provides an accurate mailing list for the weeks production.


If you would like to become a volunteer then please send your name, address, postcode and phone number to:

Upon receipt of this information we will send you an application form.





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