Stafford and Stone  Talking Newspaper  for  the  Blind


What’s on our weekly tape?                  

The audiocassette tape, our ‘Newstape’, is a specially prepared ninety minute tape with two sides.  The cassette itself has our label on ‘side 1’ with an orientation ‘fuzzy dot’ affixed to the top, right hand, corner.

Each side is of forty-five minutes duration and this is divided into 3 separate news slots of a minimum of 8 minutes duration containing news items from around our area.  So, for the whole tape, we have news content in excess of forty-eight minutes. 

In between the news slots we have what we call ‘magazine items’.  These vary depending on the production team and include; poetry, entertainment news, general interest articles, news from Action for the Blind, listeners letters, birthday celebrations, local club meetings, acknowledgement of donations received, NHS Trust announcements, duty chemists, and lighting up times. etc.







Stafford and Stone Talking Newspaper for the blind
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